led taillights

LED Light technology has been advancing for years with companies like Philips; we use nothing but the best components for all of your lighting needs. At Adventure Tech we know our dedication to excellence is what allows our lights to outperform all others.

A benefit of LED rear brake lamps is that they have a significantly faster activation time than conventional incandescent signal lamps. This faster activation time will give the driver behind you the extra warning that could save your life. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) 1996 Traffic Safety Facts estimates that 28% of all accidents are caused by one vehicle rear-ending another vehicle. This is the second largest cause of accidents (the largest cause being angled collisions between two vehicles at 36%). A recent article in Ward’s Auto stated the following:

NOTE: Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) illuminate 200 milliseconds faster than incandescent bulbs – For an automobile this means a faster braking distance response time, about a full car length of extra stopping distance at 65 MPH. Auto World quotes Robert Schumacher, Delphi’s director of advanced engineering, as follows: "Our research shows that between 37% and 74% of rear-end collisions are preventable by early warning systems.... Just 0.5 seconds [500 ms] in early warning would reduce rear-end collisions by 60%." Two UMTRI studies conclude that LED signals provide a braking response time advantage between 170 and 200 ms under favorable lighting conditions and up to 300 ms under adverse lighting conditions (e.g., viewing at a distance with high-intensity illumination on the lamp surface). Note that a 200 ms improvement in braking response time is equivalent to a 19.1 feet reduction in stopping distance at a speed of 65 MPH.

In addition to the benefits related to the faster response time of LED brake lamps, another safety benefit is that emergency flashers using LED signal lights reduce the electrical current drain on the car battery. The expected electrical current required for LED signal lights is covered in detail in Application Note 1155-2, "Electrical Power Consumption Savings for LED Signal Lights." Reduced electrical current usage increases the operating time of the flashers as well as reduces the likelihood of a dead battery.

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