Frequently asked questions
Q. Why leds?
A. Light emitting diodes will last over 100,000 hrs, create a faster response time and are more rugged and reliable than incandescent bulbs
Q. Why modulated brake light?
A.Studies have shown that a flashing light will grab your attention faster than a standard brake light.
Q. Is it easy to install?
A.Yes. You only need a screwdriver to install your brake light and complete instructions come with your purchase as well as on our Adventuretech web site.
A.A light emitting diode is a semiconductor device that emits visible light when an electric current passess through it.
Q. Benefits.
A.LEDs contain no mercury; unlike most other lighting products. This year alone 680 million broken and discarded fluorescent lamps containing 13 tons of mercury will enter the North American waste stream.
Q. Reliability.
A.LED lighting can withstand vibration and impacts that would disable other lights. Frequent on/off cycling doesn’t shorten the life of LEDs. They can also operate in greater temps (-40 to +180 F)
Q. Safety advantages of LEDs vs incandescent bulbs.
A. LEDs light up approximately 20% faster which equates to a faster reaction time for the driver behind you.
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