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We have over 20 yrs in manufacturing and product development. Our engineering team has worked on LED technology for 15 years, with their designs now working in extreme conditions on every continent. Our manufacturing team has designed and built custom products for the US Air force and other aerospace leaders. Innovative thinking and commitment to quality have given us the ability to provide Adventure gear that is made to last. We stand behind our product, creating peace of mind for you, our customers.
Safety is the primary goal with the Flashback product line. LED Brake light modulation is our answer to increasing your visibility, creating a safer road for everyone.


Our headquarters for design and manufacturing is located in Victoria BC, Canada.
The Light MOD is designed to produce a pulse brake effect for newer bikes with existing LED taillights. This small package of technology will plug directly into your taillight harness, giving you 3 pulse rates to choose from along with your normal mode. We have encased the components in a hard plastic resin to ensure absolute durability.
We believe safety in your adventure begins the day you dream it.

Safety news

We have teamed up with the Vancouver Island Safety Council , a not for profit group who promotes education in rider safety . Since 1971 the Safety Council has trained riders to develop their skills on the road. Experienced instructors with passion for saftey help pass on years knowledge. We at Adventuretech also believe practice and well maintained equipment make for a great ride. a safe ride. Knowledge is a life long pursuit and we recommend to everyone new or advanced rider training

We are pleased to support Advanced Rider Training in their efforts to increase rider safety . Ryan Austin and Paul Luhowy both active members of the Saanich Police motorcycle division offer up their many years of advanced training for those looking to become better riders. We also believe practiced skills and proper equipment saves lives. Ride safe and be seen.

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