Our On-line Store is Temporarily Closed

We have had to close our on-line store while we work to catch up on back orders. We can not take any orders at this time as we do not know when we will be able to fulfill them. Please note that all of our dealers are out of stock also. Ordering product through them at this time will not get you a light any quicker.

Studies have shown that many motorists simply don’t see smaller vehicles. Our aim is to provide riders with an enhanced profile. You can see similar lighting in F1 racing. These cars are traveling at speeds greater than 200km/hr and their drivers need every available second to avoid collision. Millions of dollars have gone into this type of research in order to save lives. This intense effort has produced pulsing LED brake lighting. At Adventure Tech our team has incorporated this research and come up with FlashBack. Our lights are built in Canada using only the highest quality components. FlashBack has 3 modes to choose from for the pulsing rate using programmable pulse rates can be controlled via the brake lever. You can switch easily from regular led brake mode or to pulse mode. We have also installed an emergency 4 way flash pulse pattern for added safety. It uses your bikes plug in connector for a fast and easy install. More Information on LED Brakelights »

Featured product

Our design team has worked hard to build quality equipment using the latest technology . LED Brake light modulation is our answer to increasing your visibility and increasing your safety .

LED Brake lighting provides:

  1. Greater Durability
  2. Longer Life
  3. Lower power consumpion
  4. Faster light up time
  5. Cooler
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